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We are all aware that cooking healthy is a better option, we might have been diagnosed with being diabetic, but we can still eat delicious foods, prepared from our homes.
Guided by the basis of meal planning, you can make almost any recipe work.

You can enjoy tasty, healthy meals at home when you have diabetes by making a few changes to the way you choose and prepare food. There are things you can do in the kitchen to lower fat and cholesterol in the foods you serve, without losing flavour.

So don’t despair. Instead, take some tips about how to cook wisely.
Be more aware of carbohydrates, only choose, that which would give you energy that lasts and with fibre. For instance, if you fancy potatoes have the baked one with no added butter.
When a recipe calls for “white” flour, “white” rice, or other refined grains, try substituting whole wheat flour, brown rice, or other whole-grain flours or grain products.
Try to avoid sugar, if you can sugar can quickly raise your blood sugar, unlike the carbs from vegetables or starches, which are absorbed more slowly.

Many times you can cut the amount of sugar without seriously affecting taste or texture.
If you’re using a sugar substitute, check the product label to be sure it’s designed for baking.
Cook with liquid fats in place of solid fats, spray fat in a can would be a good substitute, that way you use a little as possible
Solid fats often include saturated fats, which you should limit, or trans fats, which you should avoid totally.If a recipe calls for solid fat like butter try trans-fat free margarine, instead.
Many liquid fats — oils such as canola, corn, olive, and grape seed — can be healthy when used in moderate amounts. Some oils have stronger flavours that may affect the taste. So experiment to find which oils work best with which recipes.

Try low-fat cheeses, skim or low-fat milk, and low-fat and non-fat yoghurt. Use evaporated skim milk when making cream sauces. Cook with an egg substitute. Use small amounts of trans fat-free margarine. Researchers now say, having butter in much smaller quantities is better for you than margarine.

Reach for ingredients other than sugar, salt, and fat to satisfy your taste buds. Try out different herbs, spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg), mustards, and vinegar (balsamic, sherry).


  1. Very informative article …. just what I need. I guess honey could be used in place of sugar for those like me with a sweet tooth ?? 🙂

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