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We gain weight when we regularly consume more calories that we burn. Through bodily function and physical activities, we lose weight, and the more active we are the more we lose.
Research proves that more people are over weight than under weight.
In the UK nearly 60% of adults are over weight or obese.
So what causes weight gain

1. consuming too much food, we tend to have much bigger plates these days.
2. Eating unhealthy high fat foods or foods high in sugar
The thing is, the body tends to store the excess carbohydrates or sugar into fat. Some foods have so much more calories than others, so the need to make the right choices when it comes to food.
Alcohol for instance is high in calories, and should be consumed in moderation.
Medical Reasons

Balanced diet

Weight gain could be attributed to medical reasons,
1. An under active thyroid gland, this means the thyroid is not able to produce enough, thyroid hormones, to regulate metabolism, this is most common in older women.

Generally, as we age we lose muscle, due to inactivity, meaning we burn less, to reduce muscle loss we need to stay active.
So the watch word is to stay active. More to come….

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