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Quick fix diets or extreme diets as some would call it, is never the answer.
Big changes you will find, are nearly always hard to manage, they become unsustainable which is why there is ‘yo-yo dieting’
We tend to put too much strain on ourselves, for it to be sustainable it has to be gradual and an exercise regime factored into it. As much as 10% reduction in weight could still have a significant benefit on our health.
No one is perfect and so, you need not be perfect. We are entitled to a little treat now and again as long as we go back to tracts.
Remember that as your weight drops you benefit from changes in other ways, such as lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure or better blood sugar control if one is diabetic.
Small changes add up to become big changes, it all starts with making small but significant changes. Like using skimmed milk instead of full cream milk or sugar –free instead of sugar added drinks or yoghurts. Choosing unsaturated fat instead of butter or ghee, and using smaller plates and bowls to reduce portion sizes. If you have to use oil in cooking, for example, it is prudent to measure the oil with a spoon and not just pour from the bottle.

Reduction in bits is all it takes, for example, if you wish to quit adding sugar to your tea, an outright stoppage might prove difficult but if the quantities are reduced gradually say from a full teaspoon to half and then gradually giving up.It then more likely to become sustainable
So finally it is the little things that matter.

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