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Children’s weight matters


The UK is becoming one of the most obese countries in Europe.
According to statistics, nearly 17% of children in the West are currently obese.
If the trend continues it is predicted that by 2020 one in five boys and one in three girls will be obese. We are not only talking about ‘baby fat’ which they grow out of but what happens after that period is over.

The way things are going, 40% of seven-year-olds and 70% of obese adolescents will grow up to be obese adults.
So how do we find our way around this, Firstly there is no need to jump up and rush your child into a weight loss programme., but rather, rather get them to be more active. Engage them in sporting activities, like cycling, swimming, football etc. or join a sporting group.
It is recommended that children get an hour of moderate exercise every day.
Additionally, when choosing food for children we should also read the food labels same as adults Choose products with less sugar, and salt, avoid fast foods, rather cook from scratch.

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