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Why Turmeric has become so popular recently

Recently turmeric has become very popular, several households have subscribed to turmeric. So what is turmeric, and why this sudden surge in popularity.
Turmeric is a perennial plant, belonging to the ginger family, found mostly in Southeast Asia. It grows best in areas with heavy rainfall and in temperatures of between 20-30 C . It grows as a rhizome, and it is boiled, and then dried in deep ovens when it is being preserved They are then ground into a yellow-orange powder, it is this yellow colour that which is identified with curries.
Turmeric has been used in kitchens in south-east Asia for thousands of years, as a spice, and as a colouring as well as giving flavour.

Turmeric has long been used for medicinal purposes, in India and other counties in the Southeast Asia.
Curcumin is the main ingredient in turmeric which gives it its unique properties. Recently, however, researchers have become increasingly aware of its medicinal properties.
The following are some of its known benefits.
1. It has unique anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. (Slows down the ageing process due to its antioxidant properties
2. People with arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have responded well to turmeric.
3. It is believed to bring about improved brain function and lower the chances of brain diseases. It has been known to prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s diseases by removing amyloidal plaque build up in the brain.
4. It has been known to help lower the risk of heart diseases.

So how is it to be used.
Turmeric could be added to cooked vegetables, meat and fish dishes and virtually in any meal preparation.
Turmeric could drink a beverage as well.

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