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Tips for keeping the weight off

We all wish to lose weight, and when we succeed eventually,  the problem is that we tend to put it all back on, or some of it. So I have tried to compile a list of suggestion that would help us in our attempt to keep the weight off.

  1. Think before you eat something. Ask yourself’ ” do I really need to eat this and is the food healthy. What are the health benefits?
  2. Make time to eat, in other words, don’t eat whilst you are doing some other thing. Don’t eat whilst watching tv,  whilst driving or at work. The tendency is that you would end up eating  a lot more than necessary
  3. If you are bored, stressed or lonely, take a walk. ‘comfort eating’ might offer a short time fix, but will not solve the problem
  4. Select exercises that you enjoy, like walking, gardening, running, bike riding, something that you would make you want to do again.
  5. Select meals and snacks that are nutritious, but also satisfying and tasty.

In conclusion, long-term health means a long-term approach to healthy eating, not short-term diets.

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