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The problem with managing your weight

The problem with weight management today is massive because, there are so many schemes available, on the world wide net, in magazines, on tv, claiming to have the solution to our overweight problem.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which is the right one.
Many of the diseases we are confronted with today could be associated with weight gain. We are more cautious of our weight today than ever before. Other factors are that we like to look trendy, so have to be in good shape. Thus the peer pressure. We are bombarded with adverts upon adverts about junk food, through billboards, tv adverts, magazines introducing sugary stuff, so the temptation is great.

2. The slimming world is so commercially successful because of the challenges we face. Due to health reasons, we are made more aware of the consequences of weight gain. There is peer pressure to keep abreast with fashion. That said, there is a strong attraction to junk foods and sugary desserts and so on, which come cheap. On top of all this the pressures of the modern world, and our attempt to succeed makes us want shortcuts to everything. So instead of for example cooking from scratch, we opt for the quickest solution, which is junk food. These without a doubt are fattening
The slimming industry is aware of the problems that confront us is coming out on tv, magazines, billboards, newspapers with adverts on how to win.

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