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High Blood Pressure The Silent Killer

Blood pressure keeps blood circulating around our body but if the Pressure is raised; it puts us at risk of a number of conditions including heart attack , stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

So, what is high blood pressure? Well, as blood is passed around the body, it creates a pressure against the sides of the blood vessels.
The measurement of which is termed the blood pressure. We need a certain amount of pressure to keep the blood flowing.
It is important to have our blood pressure checked because high blood pressure often shows no symptoms. You may be walking about with HBP and not be aware. Meaning you could be dying slowly

People over the age of 40 who might not have been diagnosed with HBP should request for a health check from their GP
It is believed that there are about 7.5million people in the UK with undiagnosed HBP. High blood pressure is even a more serious problem than diabetes, as it comes with various complications.

HBP can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes. My mother lived with ‘managed’ HBP for over 50 years with hardly any complications.
Lifestyle changes can help reduce one’s HBP. These include becoming more active, losing weight, taking in less salt, and cutting down on alcohol intake as well as eating a healthy diet.
The normal BP should read135/85 or 130/80 or below for those with heart disease. So, don’t get caught out, get checked before it becomes too late.

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