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How to slow the aging process and live longer


Supplement Plan to slow the aging process
a. Avoid, smoking entirely, drink alcohol in moderation. Red wine, in particular, is assumed to be good for the heart, so is beer, if taken in moderation.

b. Take regular exercise (join a gym and pay by direct debit which would compel you to go) You could also take regular walks. Get a dog that would also compel you to take a walk.


c. Eat a balanced diet, with 2/3 of the portion made up of vegetables.


d. Eat fewer carbohydrates, wholesome foods, like brown bread, brown rice, etc. The following supplements would also help slow the aging process
. Pycnogenol 50- 100mg


f. Co-enzyme Q10

g. Vitamins A 5000-15000iu, daily C, 1500mg E, daily 200-800cg daily

h. Seleniuym50- 200mg

i. Beta carotene

j. Zinc 15-25mg

k. Cytosine: 500-1000mg daily.